Send a simple monthly email through that features the best equipment deals you have. Include an idea or cool data point to help your potential customers in how they think about their equipment and a brief (2-4 sentence) overview as to why your dealership is awesome at the end. Do this for a few months in a row and you’ll be blown away at how many new opportunities you have.

Offer a finance promotion.

“Wait, we can’t do that if our lenders don’t offer it.” Nonsense. Most of the time all you have to do is ask. Any good equipment financier can put together a simple little promotion to help you make some noise this summer.

Lead with finance.

Make sure you have a payment on every single asset you are selling. ALL OF THEM. The squeeze on budgets, especially with smaller businesses, is still on but that affordable monthly payment can make the whole thing so much easier to digest.

Rent v. Own.

Many smaller businesses are renting over the summer as their activity is hopping. In some cases, they are throwing good money after bad just because they won’t slow down enough to look at the long term money implications. Do a quick rent v. own analysis on your high renters and you’ll dig up a few more deals.

A little marketing, a little money and voila…a hotter summer pipeline. A strong finance partner should be able to help guide you with creative solutions like these and more. Dealers are our business at ACG. If you ever want to talk some ideas for growth, connect with us.