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Technology asset finance solutions for small business, VARs and distributors

Hey VARs, if you are ignoring the small business segment, you are ignoring a huge basket of tech users. We can help you create customized programs that for a reasonable monthly payment, their business can be in your package of equipment cheaper than ever before.

And for your small businesses, quit paying cash.  Stop it. This stuff has virtually no value within a very short time frame and financing not only gets you cooler stuff without breaking the cash bank, it makes you more productive, keeps employees happy and ACG is the perfect partner to show you the gameplan.

  • Easy monthly payments
  • Seasonal and skip payment options
  • “Top flight” credit programs
  • Challenged credit solutions
  • Faster than banks
  • No promotional gimmicks or baiting and swithcing.
  • Programs to stay on the cutting edge
  • Customized dealer solutions
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